Long-term effectiveness - South Bucks NHS Trust

AVA PA has been in use by customers for several years. The graphs below demonstrate how effective the product is. They are taken directly from data supplied by South Bucks NHS Trust. Over this period the requirements for staff has tripled, and AVA PA has easily kept pace, ensuring a very high level of fulfilment - typically over 98%, with higher cost Agency staff being kept to 25% or less.

And this does not tell the whole story. AVA PA has allowed forward planning, minimising the high cost late bookings. These figures show what a dedicated in-house nurse bank and our software can achieve. These are figures that some other professional organisations with other systems do not even promise to come close to, let alone deliver. AVA are very happy for you to contact South Bucks NHS Trust Nurse Bank so they can explain in their own words why they rate AVAPA so highly.


To see the average fill rates the following chart demonstrates that, apart from a small seasonal dip, a very high level of fulfilment can be achieved, with a decreasing trend in required high cost staff, once demand stabilises.


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