Sandwell NHS Trust

One natural concern that a new customer will have is ease of installation. AvaPA can typically be installed in a few days, once the necessary standard hardware is in place.

Sandwell NHS Trust has recently suffered from an Arson attack, and this had placed a lot of pressure on IT support. A standard NT2k server was installed in the network, running MSSQL2K. Dial in access was provided on a Thursday, with list of employees, wards and departments being supplied on the Friday. By the following Monday the server had been remotely configured to meet Sandwell's needs. Client installation, and initial training was carried out on the Tuesday, allowing the rest of the week for the staff to practise (where time permitted) on a training database. Following this, the system went live at the end of the month.

Sandwell, in common with most Nurse banks, have staff with a wide range of computer literacy. Further supervisor training and a short period of one to one on site confidence building supervision was carried out at a time convenient to the Bank. Ava provide live dial in support, and remote teaching, and this has been used with great success to clarify and facilitate more advanced usage as required from time to time by the bank staff. Ava have also carried out a number of enhancements without further charge, to meet the occasional issue that has arisen through Sandwell's muti-site requirements.

To learn more about the ease of implementing AvaPA, we would be delighted for you to contact Sandwell NHS Trust Nurse Bank.

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