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Rob Kal (MD) Says:

No doubt about it, our business is run with AVA.

As part of our expansion strategy we wanted a system that is user friendly, understood our business requirements, capable of scaling users and worked in a networked environment accessible on and off site and one that we were able to administer at any given time. After searching through and consulting with many companies, we knew AVA was the one for us. It outshone others by far and coupled by the fact that it used by large and small NHS Trusts, we commissioned Ian and his team to implement it.

Its 8 months now since we have had it and everyone in the company loves it. We cannot see a way of conducting our business without it. Furthermore the support that comes with it is phenomenal. Ian and his team work hard to fix, amend, adjust any issues that we may have including working unsociable hours on some occasions.

AVA has proved a key ingredient to the success of our story. If you are a recruitment agency especially in the health and social care sector with simple or complex requirements, the AVA system is for you.

Rob Kal, EVRO Recruit

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