Remote desk top support on a Mac

Remote desk top support on a Mac: the steps


This is the process for a starting remote desk top support session on a Mac.


It is not what you do to run our software. To run our software, you just log in with your user name and password. This remote desktop support process is so we may share your screen securely across the internet and demonstrate or carry out training remotely.


Unfortunately the process for sharing screens on Mac is more convoluted than on a PC. You may want to have two browser pages open side by side on your desk top: one for the actual support session and one for reading this page.


Here are the steps:


Open  “” in your web browser (preferably chrome) You are here already if you are not reading this from a printed sheet!

You will see a menu across the top, hover over support and a list will be displayed (you have probably been there too).

Click on “online web support”:


Mac Os Support 1


A new page will open with a “live chat” button, please click it.


Mac Os Support 2


A pop up dialog will appear, enter you name, an email is not necessary.


Mac Os Support 3


Click the “chat” box

You will get a notification: waiting for a free operator. If you are not talking to us on the phone, please call 01491 845 400.


Mac Os Support 4


The display will change.


Mac Os Support 5

Click on “click here to start remote desktop session”.


The will be a quick animation and the downloads Icon will appear at the bottom of your screen:


Mac Os Support 6


Click on it and it will change to an outline with a string of new icons above it:


Mac Os Support 7


The top item will be: ”more in folder”

Click on the more in folder

The “Downloads” folder will be displayed.


Mac Os Support 8


Under the today heading, double click the item “ISL_Light…”

You will now get a notification “Opening “ISL_Light_client….dmg”


Mac Os Support 9


A new dialog will open with a black cross inside a green computer drawing.


Mac Os Support A


Double click on the black cross.

A further dialog will open.


Mac Os Support B


Click on the “open” button”.

The final dialog will open and after a short moment “started desktop showing will appear, please tell us and we should be seeing your desk top.


Mac Os Support C


We hope this helps.

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