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Google Presentation Embed - Cross Browser Umbraco Package by Ava Ltd

This is a free Umbraco package that lets users embed Google Presentations to their website with cross browser reliability. It has been tested with the following browsers:

  • IE6 - IE9
  • Firefox 3.5 - Firefox 6
  • Chrome v13
  • Opera v11
  • Safari v5


To install this package, click the link below and follow the download instructions:

Click here to download the Umbraco package "Google Presentation Embed - Cross Browser by Ava Ltd."



To use, simple install the package and insert the macro into a rich text editor property of a node, then enter:

  • The Document Link  for your presentation. To get this, while editing your presentation, click "File" > "Publish to the Web" > Copy and paste from the "Document Link" text field (Note: You must be the owner of the presentation to do this)
  • Should the presentation automatically start when the page loads?
  • Should it play again once it has finished?
  • Width in pixels (optional)
  • Height in pixels (optional)



Feel free to try this page in any of the browsers listed above. If you discover compatibility on browsers that have not been listed, please let me know.


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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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