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Setting up an Agency and your web site

Having a web site is expected for any Employment Agency. It can be very helpful. A friendly face, contact details, terms and conditions, people can apply to work for you especially if they see brief descriptions of likely jobs that you have filled or need to fill. This can all be done with the right software and can be surprisingly inexpensive.

There are four basic parts to setting up your company's presence on the Web. Here we will consider the first two.
You need what is called a domain. This consists of a name. In our case it is ava.co.uk. In your case it is ideally your company name (without any spaces) (dot) co (dot) uk. It may be a good idea to search for names before you register your company, but if you find a good name that is available, you can always use the "trading as" appellation.


So where can I search?

Well, you can Google the name you want to use (the shorter the better).

Then you can enter the name in the address bar of your browser. If the browser finds a site, then it's taken.  Sometimes it will find a site where the page is "xyz holding company". You may contact the holding company to buy the site name, but expect to pay a premium!

You can go to a site (internet service provider aka ISP) that specialises in supplying domains. We use easily.co.uk. To give you an idea a (dot) co (dot) uk domain cost under £10 for two years, (dot) EU £15 for one year and around £25.00 for two years for most other "worldwide" domains.

Why (dot) co (dot ) uk? Well when the site is created, search engines do not know where your audience is. If you have a (dot) com address then they will assume that your audience is worldwide and someone searching for your site will be looking in the worldwide pot. You will be competing with all others in the world wide pot. If you have a (dot) co (dot) uk address then they will assume that your audience is the UK and someone searching for your site will be looking in the UK pot. You will be competing only with those in the UK.


So I have my appropriate and inexpensive domain name registered. That is the site isn't it?

Actually and fortunately not! 

What you have just purchased is the rights to use your chosen domain and a very important (actually essential) way to tell the world or internet where your site is and tell all computers how to get to it. Think of it as the "post code" for your site.

The site it's self does not yet exist: it needs what is called a host. Think of the host as the plot of land which the Post code refers to.  Why is this fortunate?  Well, all companies that host web sites are not created equal. As with anything there are good ones and bad ones. There are ones that provide good reliable hosting. Only time will tell.

So you pay someone to design you a nice web site (or you do it yourself). The design (to continue our analogy, think of this as the house) is "published", built or copied to the host and because the postcode is set, everyone - including yourself can see it as you always wanted. The designer will also have given you a copy of your design or you will have made a copy yourself from the hosted site.

Sometimes (not always) a dispute arises between you and your host. Maybe your needs have changed, hopefully your site is more successful and you need a faster (more expensive?) host to cope with all your new business web traffic. Maybe there is simply a better deal out there.  At this point the host says - ah the reason we gave you the site at the cost we did was because a) we own the domain name b) we gave you limited resources (all you needed at the time) c) we have been bought out by a bigger company and your site is considered our asset.

Because you have the domain registered at a separate ISP, you can take your copy of your web site and publish / copy it to a completely different host. You then simply change the "post code" to the new host and in the next 24 hours, all the computers around the world learn that your site is now with the new host.

Hopefully you have a better experience with the new host.

The bottom line is, come what may, you are at least in full control of your own web site.


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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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