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Free SEO tools to get you started

OK so you have set up your first website. What now?

Getting people to visit would be good.

Knowing how many people visit, how long they stay and what phrases they were searching on when they visited has to be a help. SEO tools for short. This page shows you the sort of information and SEO tools available. There is guidance and descriptions of what the displays mean so you can use the SEO tools yourself.  We hope you enjoy and understand.

Perhaps a list of free SEO tools might help....

Its worth keeping in mind that what we will discuss here will provide very useful information even for a particular town, let alone country, so no matter if your potential customers are quite local to you or not, this is for you. The other misunderstood (and often misquoted) aspect is that you can't filter down for your business category e.g. Business / HR / Recruitment and staffing. Many people will tell you this simply can't be done or its very difficult. On the contrary, once you know how, it is very simple (and free).

It's a good idea to know how many people are visiting your site. It's often useful to know where they come from.  Once you know, you can at least try to get more of the type of people you want to visit your site. Figures from before such an effort and after it, will tell you if that effort has been successful. Google analytics actually allow you to make notes which you can use to date changes you make.

Finding who is visiting (and a multitude of other things about them) is not an expensive task.  Google and Yahoo analytics can be set up in only a few minutes once you know how.  When you have done this: you will know exactly how popular your site is. You will be able to measure any return on investment of services you buy or things you do.

Another thing to remember is that if your site is a B2B site, then you will get dips or troughs during major festive holidays as below. Also you will get dips regularly at weekends. With a Business to business site this is actually good news. After all, you are seeking business visitors.

SEO visitor trends

It is also important that, when you try something to make your site more popular or more visible, you have a base line to measure your success. If you do something to promote your site and it has no visible effect, then it is probably not worth the time, effort and money to do it in exactly the same way again. On the other hand, if it has a dramatic effect and is cost effective, then you are well on your way to creating what you want: a successful site which helps your company be profitable.

Dipping your toe in Pay per click (PPC) is an example where you can limit your spend to a few tens of pounds before investing more (or trying something else). These tools may also allow you to find what your competitors think are good adwords, or what people are actually searching for. This will help you target any adword spend more carefully and productively.

Sometimes small changes have significant benefits. For instance: by placing links to other relevant information (or offers) on your site at the end of each page, you will encourage at least some people to go to those linked pages. You can also have a menu and site search if it is appropriate.

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