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What sort of setup and training workflow can I expect

Ava advanced agency web system with RTI (Aaaws) is probably the most flexible software you can buy for temp staffing agency or flexible staff bank management in the recruitment software market.

Every successful agency has their own niche and you are likely not an exception. From your experience you will have identified your customer’s needs and know you can fill them or already have filled them. Because you have identified your niche in the flexible employment and recruitment market you will need software that can easily be tailored to fit those needs exactly.

The process is not difficult, we ask the hard questions first: and help you answer them! If you follow this then the process can be quick and you'll have a great system very quickly.

If you are a new customer then the process is started by acceptance of a quotation aka proforma invoice and payment of the first month licences inclusive of any agreed training days.

The following process is simple and should provide a seamless changeover from your existing system within around 10 working days.

For larger customers, the next step is for our customer to specify their primary contact person who will be responsible for channelling and directing all questions on configuration requirements.  This person is often given the title of Project Leader. Project leader is not a difficult task: we are experienced in guiding you smoothly through this phase. Simply: the person needs to understand your specific and unique business needs so we can accommodate you with an appropriate configuration. We will discuss and arrange exchange of all necessary information usually in a readable Excel spreadsheet format.

We need to know "job / employment /skill categories" aka qualifications and "relevant data categories appropriate to validating their employment and skills" aka extra or added info. There are some spread sheets you can download to help with these. They are somewhat abstract because at this point we do not know your exact needs. Once you have downloaded the spreadsheets we will happily to go through them with you.

Sample excel employee import template

Sample excel customer import template


We have remote desk top software to step though and clarify the questions you may have.


Importing data

We can import employee data, and a list of clients. Prior to importing employee data we will set up the information that you wish to track about each employee. These are things like: date of birth, home and contact addresses, training levels and skills standards that need to be met for specific employment. Whist we have standard layouts, it really smooths adoption if we set up exactly the terms used within your company.

We do not accept employee details via an Excel attachment in an email. Emails are not secure and they occasionally get sent to the wrong address. Transfer of employee and customer data is only via our secure point to point remoted desktop support software. Its quick, easy and totally secure.



Once our software is installed and (if required we have imported your employee data), we will confirm the date for a half day of (user) training.

    • This is done remotely using freely provided remote desktop software and a conference phone, in which case we will do one to one training later in the day.
    • We will do this against your actual data so your users are familiar with the content and can ask (and have answered) specific questions that relate to your usage. This training date is usually arranged about 10 days after the acceptance and payment for one month's licence and training.
    • We recommend that the users start using the software the same or following day. They should enter all requests, availability and bookings in parallel with your existing system.  Previous bookings for shifts in advance of the current date should be entered until the two systems match.
    • If you are implementing the finance modules, we will provide the half day's finance training within about 5 days.  This can then be done against actual bookings on the Ava system leading directly to production of extended payroll information and customer invoices.


The training syllabus is here


Artwork and Styling

If you have chosen web styling as part of your AVA package there are a few pieces of information you will need to supply to allow us to complete your bespoke software:

    • Original quality graphics of any artwork you want displayed on your site and if you have special fonts, then copies of those fonts or an equivalent to use by us.
    • A screen copy of the web page or pages which the Ava web pages will be based on. Typically these are the main page of the web site and a "child" page such "as about us".
    • A written authorisation giving permission to AVA to reverse engineer your website where necessary and carries out works it deems to be necessary.
    • A written statement informing AVA that you have the necessary permissions and, if necessary, copyrights to display the information, fonts and pictures on your site.


Please take into account when planning your timescales that, only when we receive this information and the copyright clearances, can we provide a timescale for carrying out your work.


The information and artwork you need for your portal is described here


Email messaging

There are two ways for our service to send email on your behalf.

  • Either, our software needs access to an email account in your company name. This is usually something generic like office @ company  name . agency. This account is also used to send your text messages to the text / sms provider. We recommend against free email accounts as they often have limitations which are quickly exceeded when you use the features in our software to their full extent.
  • You will need the email connection details for “SMTP” and this is easily obtainable from your main web site hosting company (if Ava is not providing your complete package). Ava can provide a number of email accounts for you at a nominal cost. If our software is decoding staffing request messages for auto insertion in the database, then it is usual to keep this separate and forward them to an account we nominate. Either way you probably need 3 email “post boxes” with names of your choosing.
  • Alternately we can route your emails via one of the standard bulk email services. You will still need an account to store copies of any emails the system sends. We recommend that you configuer our service to copy any outgoing messages to one of your mailbox accounts for future reference.


Other communication services

Employee messaging is provided either via an inexpensive Andriod app "Ava instant messaging" downloadable from Google Play store or via our partner Icetrak who provide the high level of responsiveness needed in today's competitive booking environment. We will contact them on your behalf as and when requested. Alternately we have a texting app which provides a low cost reliable alternative which works out at around a tenth of the cost.

Other pages which may prove helpful:


HMRC and payroll


The information needed is covered briefly here





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