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simple single company to multiple companies with multiple sales regions

A description of the options that can be implemented for start-up Agencies and Staff Banks through established small and medium side Staff Banks and Agencies right up to major Agencies having subsidiary Daughter companies with neutral or Master vendor status.


How easy and inexpensive is it to add Ava advanced agency web system (Aaaws) booking and staff notifications to a current web site? The answer is very easy, very inexpensive. Ava has a pedigree that gives a rich range of features that uniquely benefit any temp staffing agency or staff back as you grow over time.

A temporary employment agency web site can be a simple and as inexpensive as a Facebook page. A Facebook page has the advantages of being completely free and the page is also secure. Of course it may contain advertising and that may be for your greatest competitor! That is clearly a disadvantage.


Simple web site links


You may have your own web site in which case as with the Facebook option all you need to do is add a link or links to your Ava booking system (which we will call a portal to differentiate if from a full blown web site).


Simple Links Between Portal And Web Sites


Simple web site links (secure web site)


If your web site has a certificate (its https) then the Ava advanced agency web system can easily be configured to allow links from it back to your site and at a small additional costs: have logos and colours which will make it look like part of your site, we can even make it a URL which your company owns as part of your company.


Simple Links Between Portal And Web Sites Secure


Large Agency group with mutiple Agencies and multiple sales regions


So the next question is, my company has sales regions, can Ava (Aaaws) work for me? The answer here is a resounding yes and they are user configurable so easily changed over time and there are a bunch of staff allocation features which help this work effectively.

My company has groups of different Agencies can this be accommodated? Once again yes (click on the graphic to see a larger version).

The Ava pedigree wins out for you.


Links Between Portal And Web Sites

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