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When calling your Skype number it says "The number you have called is not recognised"
  • When we experienced this problem it was because our Skype number had expired (This occurred despite the fact that the number was in use and the account was in credit. We also did not get a warning or notification of expiration).
  • You can check whether or not your Skype number has expired by contacting Skype. Click the link below and choose between live chat or email support (you will need to log in):




  • To re-activate your number, you have to log in to the Skype Manager section of the site. Link below:




  • Once logged in, click the "Features" icon at the top of the page
  • Next click "Online Numbers" on the left
  • Then your numbers will be listed. Click the number you wish to re-activate
  • You will now see a "Re-activate" button. Click it, and follow the instructions to re-activate your number.


Skype will then charge your account and start the reactivation process. For us this took only about a minute but they say there can be slightly longer delays.


Once it has been set up, try calling your Skype number again and it should work.

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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