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Automated messaging:


Ava advanced agency web system with RTI can send a wide range of emails and texts or instant messages to smart phones. These messages are automatically composed with the information from whatever shift booking you are updating.  They all occur without any need to look up a number, email address, invoice address or type a single character from you keyboard.


In the case of a booking, both the employment destination management and the person working can be notified simultaneously with all the details they need. In the case of emails these can be stylised using easy to setup personalised “templates” with your logos and have attachments of documents and the employee’s photo or id picture. Email “templates” are easily composed using a “What you see is what you get” editor. Any information concerning the shift(s), the customer and the employee may be included in each of the templates for any of the parts of the booking process.

To do this we will configure the system to send emails on your behalf. There is however one “gottcha”.


For you recipients to know we are sending on your behalf, there need to be a note held by your ISP to tell any anti-spam software that it’s ok for us to send on your behalf. This is because unfortunately one method spammers use also relies on “apparently” sending emails on your behalf. Some anti-spam systems check where the email actually came from and they do this using a “look-up” which is held by the ISP who has your domain records.

You need what is known as an SPF record. Your ISP should be able to talk you through this or you might use the link below to generate it and add it below.

Please contact us for our IP, this is for the entry “IP addresses in CIDR format that deliver or relay mail for this domain”


There are also other ways that email is authenticated these days. A newer system called “Domain Keys Identified Mail .or DKIM for short http://www.dkim.org/ which basically stamps your email with a digital signature.

If you have ever seen an email in the raw, it contains information about who sent it etc. When email first started it looked like this:


Delivered-To: no.spam@ava.co.uk

Return-Path: <a.spammer@ava.co.uk>

From: Andy Spammer <a.spammer@ava.co.uk>

Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2016 09:02:02 +0000

Message-ID: <CAG-pcm3aT3jgLv-=3pHJ6Z=D5=i=8t7nAykjTnJqgHmtVE-oXw@mail.gmail.com>

Subject: Ian …...today

To: No Spam <no.spam@ava.co.uk>


Other links that may help concerning email setup

Authorize senders with SPF: About SPF records


About Open SPF


A wizard to help you generate a record for your server mail settings



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This FAQ was last updated on Thursday, January 26, 2017

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