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Implimenting AWR Agency worker regulations with Ava pt 2

2. Update job descriptions.

The accumulation of weeks towards parity rights is dependant on a number of things: not least is the job description and more specifically training requirements for the job or jobs. A worker who is employed by a hirer for 6 weeks doing one job (e.g. a post requiring a maternity qualified nurse which is not the same as post requiring a more generally trained nurse) and then works for 7 weeks in a job with different training requirements will not have accumulated the 12 weeks for either post. A non-medical example would be a worker trained and certified on one type of machinery and then going on to work on another type of machine or process.

  • If you have an NHS AIMS Job Description set up, then this will be used to determine the job type and training needs. If not then the qualification or job description will be used. If in either case you are happy that either the skill title (or where applicable the AIMs job title) uniquely and uniformly describes each job you fill for that customer, you can proceed to the next stage.
  • Only if needed, you can override both the automatic categorisation of skills by updating the Job title in the shift pattern setup which has precedence over both the preceding titles.
  • Go to the record card for the the department you want to check or ammend and click on the menu setup shift pattern

AWR Agency worker regulations job description

  • If required update the job title. For example if you are supplying a drive HGV 1 and this appears on the Job description tab and you have a seperate tab for HGV 2 and non HGV (standard driving licence) you do not need to make any changes. If you are supplying a "community" nurse and they have the same training as a "general" or "hospital" nurse, then you will need to change the job title.

AWR Agency worker regulations job description 2

  • In order, when Ava is determining if the jobs within a legal entity have the same training, skill or AWR value it looks at the information on the on the shift pattern page. So that the actual amount of updating is kept to a minimum for all our users, Ava considers the current setup in the following order.
  • If you have AIMs titles set up:
    It first considers the Title (1) of the skill (2). If these are the same, it looks at the AIMs title (3). If different AIMs titles represent different training then under the AWR act, the two jobs do not add to the same AWR clock.  If however a "clinical worker (hospital)" has the same training and is interchangeable with a "clinical worker (community)" then we need to override this choice. We do this by setting the Title (1) to for example "HCA general" which is different to the "HCA" tab title (2)
  • If you do not have AIMs titles set up:
    If the Title (1) and the skill (2) are the same then jobs are considered as the skill (2). If they are different then the title is used. This allows for jobs at different  skill titles (e.g.  HCA A:band 1 and HCA B:band 2) to be amalgamated by giving them both the same title(1).

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