FAQ - Configure email programs for spam or junk

Configure Gmail for spam or junk mail

Sometimes you want to ensure that emails from someone are never considered as junk mail or spam. This is especially true if the email is offering you work from your staffing agency.

The article below shows how to set what are known as spam filters with a rule or rules that ensure these important messages never end up as spam.


In your Gmail browser open a message from the person or sender that you want to ensure never goes to spam by clicking on it.


Not Spam 1


With the email freshly opened (this may not work if you have opened this email before, so if you have, close Gmail and re-open your mail)


Not Spam 2


Now click on the drop down icon, top right of the email


Not Spam 3

The third item down should be "Filter messages like this". If it isn't, then close the browser and go through the opening email process again.


Not Spam 4

You will now see a new dialog box.  If you want to receive all emails from everyone at the company (in this case addedvalueapps.com) highlight the bit before the @


Not Spam 5


Replace it with an asterisk ( * ). If you don't use this much, it's the symbol above the 8 on the keyboard.


Not Spam 8


The "from" address will now look like this:


Not Spam 7

Click on the "create filter with this search" link


Not Spam 9


You will get a new dialog: we suggest you tick "Star it", "Never send to spam" and always mark as important"


Not Spam A


Almost there now! Also tick "Also apply filter to matching conversations" (if they are in the bin or already spam, you'll have to find them and move them.


Not Spam B

Finally click on the "create filter" button:


Not Spam C



You should be rewarded with the original email returning and a message saying "Your filter was created"


Not Spam D


 So now any emails from ( addedvalueapps.com ) will always be in your inbox and not in spam.





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This FAQ was last updated on Friday, March 3, 2017

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