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Run a report which has not previously been used - text.

The following is a text version of the You tube video you can play here

First go to AVA, and click the find reports button.

For this example, we'll choose a report on the general tab, and we'll choose the one labelled duplicate employees. This report needs an additional selection of the address that we're using to compare employees so we'll choose the home address.

This report has not been setup. If we try to run it we get a message saying the template doesn't exist. The reason we get this message and the reason it needs a supervisor to set this up is that the template files used to run all the reports could be put anywhere depending on your use on a network or stand alone computer.

In practice, there will be a previously chosen location which will have been decided upon when the system was setup.

So we're going to do this as someone who has supervisor privileges and knows the location of the templates.

So we click on setup and we see that the label next to the template file is in red, and this signifies that the file does not exist.

Immediately above the file name is the path where we've chosen to store all the other report templates and you can see a complete list of these locations by clicking on the drop down arrow on the right.

Choose where you want to save the template.

In this example we select the T drive which on this system is where we've chosen to store all the template files so that everyone can see them and use them.

To create a template in the chosen location we click on the new button and the template file name will turn white when the blank template file has been created.

Now if we want to at this point we can give the template a new title and description.

We can also use the check box on the top right, called preferred, to ensure that the report is shown in the top part of the list.

Save the settings chosen by clicking on the tick "OK" button.

To view the report, click on the view button at the bottom.

This will open up a spreadsheet of the data the report has collected.

We can see that the data in the columns is squashed out of view, so now we can format our template. The column sizes you choose will depend on the data you are storing.

Now select clear cells, click in the corner top left in the margin and then click on "Clear Contents" in the drop down menu.

We now need to save the result. To ensure our work is not accidentally overwritten the file has been created in another location.

Go file -> save as -> navigate to the original template folder -> then replace the template.

If we exit Excel and run the report again, the report will be in the format that we have just applied to the spreadsheet and this will apply to all future reports from this template.

So now we know how to create and edit templates and run reports in AVAPA.

In Summary:  to generate a new or previously unused report first we need to create a blank template.

Use the menu's to navigate to the type of report we require and click setup.

Select the location we want to save the template and then choose our options for the report.

Click view and the report will be generated for us, and if we so choose, we can edit the report layout, clear the data and make it the default template.

Download the video to play on your own machine (For users who have no You tube access)

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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