FAQ - Server Install

General AvaPA Server install notes.

AvaPA requires a minimum of a current version of Microsoft SQL Server and two shared folders. In the simplest install where the server and client are all on one machine (Single user - stand alone), this is currently SQL Express 2008. This version can also run in small and medium size enterprises on work groups or domains. The install for AvaPA comes with a fully licensed SQL MSDE/Express install built in. SQL Express 2008 will accommodate approximately 1.5 Million shifts or bookings in its current form (4GB database) at no additional cost. This can easily be expanded with other versions of MS SQL at relatively minor cost.

The Install package supports 3 basic configurations.

  • Single user: stand alone
  • Client and Server: MSDE/SQL Express supplied
  • Client and Server: Microsoft SQL pre-installed database to be attached. (Both default or named instance)
    In addition AvaPA supports web pages running on MS IIS

AvaPA can be easily configured to run in an extremely secure environment and does not require elevated or special privileges for its day to day operation.

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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