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Monitoring server performance

From time to time it becomes necessary to investigate system performance.

Even when we started developing our software with a target system of a Windows NT server running at about 1GHz on a 10MB network with 10-20 clients we were aiming for a 1-2 second load time and in most circumstances, we achieved it using careful allocation of resources and MS SQL 7. These days, with far more information being displayed, on even low cost networks page display is virtually instant.  

So when it's not, matters need investigation. More often than not, the issue is antivirus, wireless networks not giving the performance they advertise or every so often a hard drive failure.

Occasionally it's not and built into windows, there is a device called performance monitor. Here's how to find it and a link to a related article that helps its use on SQL server.

To find the application, type resource into the "search programs and files" box.

perfomance monitor.png

The following screen will appear

perfomance monitor open.png

Selecting the performance monitor node produces the following display

perfomance monitor node.png

Now use the green plus sign to add additional measures or counters to trace:

perfomance monitor node add.png

There is not much you cannot look at, the items are grouped under the application or hardware heading.

perfomance monitor node add counters.png

Other related performance links:

Sql server performance monitor counters


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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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