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Exporting payroll information to Sage

Sage software can import pay and invoice values depending on the edition of Sage payroll or accounts purchased.

Ava can match these Sage import formats. Ava will easily export reconciled (checked) payroll runs with a couple of mouse clicks.

Sage will require two key settings:

  • The employee payroll number
  • The pay code

The payroll number is the same and unique to each employee in Sage and Ava.

The pay code is also the same in Ava and Sage. This code can be chosen in a number of ways, simple and detailed.

The processTo export to payroll information to Sage (or any other export format)

  • Either set shifts to be automatically considered as worked if they have not been cancelled or:
  • Tick any booked shift to show it as worked. (If required the actual times may be edited first)
  • In the menu got Reconcile (payroll)

Exporting payroll information to Sage 2

  • If using Ava for multiple companies: Select the company, otherwise:
  • Choose a date for the payroll run. (All ticked shifts will be included up to and including this date)
  • Click reconcile.
  • If there are no warnings of incomplete payroll data, then click Lock before exporting.
  • Click export window to export this run

Exporting payroll information to Sage 1

  • Select the (Sage) desired format and payroll grouping.
  • Select the file destination folder and save these setting for future runs.
  • Click send to disk.
  • If required open the destination (output) folder.

Open Sage and import the file into Sage.

As previously explained there are a number of ways to export to Sage: detailed and simple, here is how to set up the codes for each way:


A basic code e.g. "Basic" for all pay payments. This is set in the shift type and Ava will produce a single amount for each employee and each shift type, so All day shifts may be given a reference "Basic" and Paid leave shifts may be given a reference "Leave".  In each case the total amounts will be calculated and exported as one payment of each type.

To set the simple export codes (log in with supervisor privileges):

  • Main Menu
  • Setup types
  • Select employee
  • Select ShiftTypes
  • Click the master list tab
  • Enter the export code for each type of paid shift

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Each pay rate can be given its own code: For example a grade 5 employee working at a standard rate. The standard rate might be "STD" and grade 5 "5" and would have an export key of "STD 5". In this case the number of hours and the rate will be exported. There will be an export for each rate worked. If working for two different customers at two different standard rates then the code required would be for example "CUST 1 STD 5" and "CUST 2 STD 5" and the total hours for each rate will be calculated and uploaded separately. If rates are standard across all customers then only a single code is required for each separate rate.

To set the detailed export codes (log in with supervisor privileges):

  • Main Menu
  • Setup pay and conditions
  • Select the payscale rate card name from the right hand list
  • Select the job type / "Grade" tab
  • Select the "Increment" tab
  • Select the "Payments" tab
  • Click on Second row of tabs "Pay Ref"
  • Double click to edit the reference
  • Enter a unique code for each separate pay rate.

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