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Use a Sage invoice template to invoice a client

To invoice a customer using a pre-set invoice template and Sage stationery:


Click on CUSTOMERS in the left hand column and all your customers will appear in the window.

Click on New Invoice in the left hand column.


Invoice Customer 1


A new window will appear, like this:


Invoice Customer 4


Click on the arrow next to A/C and scroll down to the Customer A/C Number.  Click OK.  This fills in the customer's address details.

Enter the date and Invoice number (unless you prefer to use the AutoNumber facility).

Click on the arrow on the first line under Product Code and a dropdown list will appear like this:


Invoice Customer 5


Scroll down to S1 and click OK, if VAT is to be charged (otherwise use S2). A new window opens:


Invoice Customer 6



Enter the Description, Quantity, the Unit Price (including VAT), the correct Nominal Code, any discount given and Tax Code, as required. The Nominal Code, discount % and Tax Code will be pre-filled if you have already set the information up in the Customer Default details.  It can be changed if necessary.

Click OK.


The details of the invoice will then be displayed like this:


Product Invoice 6



Click Print and the various template options will be displayed.


Invoice template 10


Click on the template you wish to use.

Click on Preview and Generate Report to view the invoice before printing.

To print a copy for your files - Click Print.

On the Update Ledgers window, click Preview and OK.

To save a copy of the invoice on your computer, click Print and select the Template.

Then click File, Generate Report and save in the required folder on your computer.


To send a copy of an invoice to a client by email, save the invoice as a PDF and attach it to the email.


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