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Paid leave taken by employee 10103

From time to time an employee may query the paid leave they have received. This report gives the paid leave included in each payroll run between any two selected dates for any selected employee.

The information includes the amount paid, the WTD (Work time directive) percentage applied to the original scheduled shift payment, the actual scheduled shift payment, the date scheduled, the date paid, the location scheduled.

In the case of Contractors, where the WTD amount is consolidated in the Contractor's payment, the report will show zero payments.In the case where an employee changes status to or from a contractor, this is automatically taken into account.

Some Companies implement a policy of paid leave having to be taken within a year or by holiday pay year end date. Ava accommodates both these options. Rolling the holiday pay year date forward will not invalidate or prevent this report running for any previous years and giving the actual paid amounts and dates.

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Taken paid leave for Employee 10103


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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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