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What is the installation and training process and timescales

This article refers to the windows server version of our software and has been superceeded by the web based Advanced Agency system Here


Ava is probably the most flexible software you can buy for Temp Agency or Staff bank management in the Recruitment Software market.

If you are an existing customer then new (empty) databases for new employment verticals are added by request without extra charge.

There is no need to split databases on geographic or separate sales region lines as this is accommodated fully within the standard software package.

If you require an existing database split for business reasons then this can usually be done with between half a day to two days of bespoke processing, maintaining users and removing redundant information to your specific request.

Because we support both Web server and inhouse databases and indeed the two combined, installation requires some degree of planning so we may agree the best combination for your circumstances.

The process is not difficult, we ask the hard questions first: and help you answer them! If you follow this then the process can be quick and you'll have a great system very quickly.

If you are a new customer then the process is started by acceptance of a proforma invoice and payment of the first two month's licences inclusive of any agreed training days. The following process is simple and should provide a seamless changeover from your existing system within around 10 working days.

For larger customers, the next step is for our customer to specify their primary contact person who will be responsible for channelling and directing all questions on configuration requirements.  This person is often given the title of Project Leader. This is not a difficult task: we are experienced in guiding you smoothly through this phase. Simply: the person needs to understand your specific and unique business needs so we can accommodate you with an appropriate configuration. We will discuss and arrange exchange of all necessary information usually in a readable Excel spreadsheet format.

In our experience, each customer has their own unique requirements. We can configuer our software for you. We need to know  "job / employment /skill categories" aka qualifications and "relevant data categories appropriate to validating their employment and skills" aka extra or added info. There are some spread sheets you can download to help with these. We are happy to go through them with you. 

The spead sheets also contain columns for specifying if categories or info have start dates, end dates and associated serial numbers or refence numbers.

We have remote desk top software to step thought and clarify with you any questions you may have.

AccessWe will also need remote access to the machine on which the database is being installed. If this is a server then usually your IT guru will easily be able to arrange this. If you are installing on one or two office machines then we can provide remote access tools via the internet. Our software will require to be installed by a user with administrator rights. We will need to reboot your server if we are installing the Microsoft SQL database engine from scratch and we will need an Administrator account for this process.  The Administrator account can be disabled once the installation process is complete. If the install is a network install, the person who is in charge technically of your network should be available if any permission issues arise.

Importing dataWe can import employee data, and a list of clients. Prior to importing employee data we will set up the information that you wish to track about each employee. These are things like: date of birth, home and contact addresses, training levels and skills standards that need to be met for specific employment. Whist we have standard layouts, it really smooths adoption if we set up exactly the terms used within your company.

TrainingOnce our software is installed and (if required we have imported your employee data), we will confirm the date for a half day of (user) training.

  • This can be done at your site.
  • At Ava in our board room or meeting rooms.
  • Remotely using freely provided remote desktop software and a conference phone, in which case we will do one to one training later in the day.

We will do this against your actual data so your users are familiar with the content and can ask (and have answered) specific questions that relate to your usage. This training date is usually arranged about 10 days after the acceptance and payment for one month's licence and training (and if a server install is required 3-4 days after remote server access is granted).

We recommend that the users start using the software the following day. They should enter all requests, availability and bookings in parallel with your existing system.  Previous bookings for shifts in advance of the current date should be entered until the two systems match.

If you are implementing the finance modules, we will provide the half day's finance training within about 5 days.  This can then be done against actual bookings on the Ava system leading directly to production of extended payroll information and customer invoices.

Other communication servicesTexting is provided via our partner Icetrak who provide the high level of responsiveness needed in today's competitive booking environment. We will contact them on your behalf as and when requested.

Should you wish to use Ava to control your telephones and automatically dial out, then your telephone exchange will need the TAPI module (provided by the telephone exchange supplier) installed on your exchange.

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