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Added value applications has been supplying Recruitment software to the temporary staffing side of the industry for over eight years. We make every effort we can to ensure our software is as reliable as possible.

We are about to undertake an application for ISO 9001 2008 certification and will extend this to the (to be) updated 2015 level when it is implemented.

One of our customers (a large NHS Foundation Trust) compared the cost of ownership of our software against some 100 other packages it used: ranging from  Microsoft and Oracle to those supplied by single developer companies. Ava software was in the 2nd highest placed product in terms of reliability and subsequently low cost of ownership.

Where we deal with your office IT contractor or department we have unfailingly good relations. 

In practice this means our software has been more than ten time more reliable that the technology infrastructure that it runs on. 

So can we guarantee that tomorrow?

Our software is developed in house, in the UK by a team of developers. The minimum academic level of education is a university degree. Some have multiple degrees and diplomas.

We implement modern techniques for code safety. Our developers are part of the society they are developing for. With these factors we have the best control over code quality.

Realistically no software supplier can guarantee specific reliability for the overall availability and usage of their software. At the end of the day, that is what matters to you. We can offer advice on best practice. We are all beholden to hardware reliability and updates from other software suppliers.

For example the last major issue affecting some of our customers was a Sophos antivirus update which deleted a wide range of perfectly harmless and uninfected software. One of the items it instantly deleted was part of our software. We had the problem fixed within a few hours, even though the problem was clearly not of our making.

Indeed when we could get through to some of our customers' inundated NHS IT departments, we were able to help them resolve the issues with both our software and many other stricken systems hours before Sophos had their own resolution to the problem they had created.

What can we promise?

We will do updates away from times that are critical to you.

When crashes or Machine failures happen, more often than not when they are totally beyond our control: we will recover your data to the best of our ability. We regularly restore data on our development machines from random customers, ensuring that their backups are indeed restorable. 

We will advise you on the best (economic and reliable) way to back up your data.

In the event of data loss we will refund licence fees up to and including the period covered by the data loss. This excludes situations where the data loss was caused by hardware failure or 3rd party software. In the case of 3rd Party responsibility: there may be a reasonable charge for the skills and time required. This is the practical and legal limit of our liability. Using our software signifies agreement to this limit.

We will be fanatical about making our software as reliable as possible. If we find 3rd party software which may cause failures to your Ava system and we know you are using it, we will advise you or your IT consultants on the best course to resolve these issues as immediately as possible.

When we provide web based services: we will use an ISP with a reputation second to none. We currently use a longstanding company called Rackspace. They are an international company who have been involved in the internet since its very early days. Their European storage complies with UK and EU legislation on Data Protection.

Rackspace managed hosting terms

Rackspace service level agreement


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