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How is the training organised

If you are opting for the preconfiguered back office system then there is either on site or on line training offered.

This training consists of (nominally) two half days.

The first half day is split into two parts:

  • Part 1: is a group of up to 4 nominated management or team leaders who will have the various screens and operations demonstrated and explained. After a break, there is then a period where each of the 4 people will operate the system, place requests / orders for workers, update record cards, book workers against a training version of your database. At any point these can develop into a Q&A for that person. The 4 will then be responsible for training the rest of the staff. This can be started as soon as any of the 4 feel able to do so (with the Ava trainer still available if time permits).  When there are subsequent queries, any of these 4 Ava trained staff can contact Ava for a remote support session for clarification or further (on line) training.
  • Part 2: The second half day normally occurs a week later when the staff have entered in actual shifts, and these can then be checked against time sheets. In this session (normally to two people), setup of payroll and invoicing is covered as are other setup options. We will setup the master and the first rate card against your in house copy. We will then supervise the setup of subsequent rate cards. At the end, all rate cards should be set up and a payroll and invoice run can be carried out. Continued support is to those trained persons as before.

The training is designed so that part of your team can continue day to day operations and the leaders become the focus of knowhow for the rest of their team.
The initial training is normally carried out against (a copy of) the database that we have preconfigured and loaded with data supplied by you. This enables you to get up and running with the minimum of disruption and associated changeover costs.

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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