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Unable to send message, error 27137

When trying to text (send an sms message) and the Ava Pa recruitment software shows the following message: Unable to send message, error 27137.

27137 error on sending text

This can occur because the Ava recruitment software is picking up a setting stored on the machine. Typically Ava Pa will send text messages via a service (program) usually installed on the main server. Ava Pa allows specific machines to be configured to override this setting to allow remote sites to send SMS/Text messages efficiently and quickly without going back to the (for them) remote server. If the machine is on the local (server) network, the solution is simple.


Log in as an Ava supervisor.

Go to setup, then email:

27137 error on sending text 2


With the (Default) General Email routing tab selected at the top, click on the SMS user tab halfway down on the right:

27137 error on sending text 3


Click Save settings.

You may send a (test) SMS message by entering a mobile number in the 'test text / sms number box and pressing send text to its right.

The machine will now have overwritten the previously stored settings with the correct defaults.

If this does not resolve this issue, please contact Ava support.

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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