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ESR export missing costcode

Ava can export to multiple systems for both payroll and invoicing. This means that in the event of a change, there can be a progressive transfer of data from one exported or imported system to another.  This leads to smooth painless migrations.

To accommodate this and provide additional flexibility, the cost code which is exported to the AIMs system (and other exports) can be chosen from one of three entries on the office / ward / department's record card. This is usually the second option and is probably set up as a default.  If you wish to use another of the optional fields, enable it, and name it appropriately.

There are three steps:

Check the setup of departments section of the database.

  • In any record card, go to Menu | Setup | Data sections.

set up payroll export cost code

  • Select the Office / Department / Ward sections (its the 3rd one down) and click on the links button

set up payroll export cost code 2

  • Ensure the cost code option is checked - its the 8th one down - or use one of the other ID Number options and rename it if it is in use for some other purpose.

set up payroll export cost code 3

You can now check that the individual cost codes are actually set for each Office / Department / Ward

payroll export 4

To check that the code is set for all departments you can export a report to Excel of all codes using the inventory window / file / export / selected information.

Check the export of the reconciliation is set to use "cost code"

  • In any record card go to the Main menu | Utiltities | Reconcile

payroll export

  •  Select any previously locked reconcile and click on the export window button.

payroll export 2

  • Check that the drop down list for "Payroll cost code derived from" is set to "cost code" (or other if you are configuering an alternate method). If its not how you want it, click on the "set up" button and once you have changed the option list, you will be prompted to save if you try to close the window without saving.

payroll export 3

  • You can also click on the output folder button if you need to rename an export before overwiting it.


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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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