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Set up new user

New users can only be set up if you are a supervisor on the Ava pa system. Any new user can be a standard user or a supervisor. A supervisor can change any aspect of any other user including other supervisors. Supervisors can reset any other users password. A standard user can only reset their own password.

In any screen navigate to the Set up  / Users  Menu:


New user menu


The following screen will be shown


set up new user 1


Hint: the easiest way to make non Supervisors is to check and then uncheck the Supervisor box. This will set most permissions to edit.
Enter the new user's details in the text boxes.
Then select each of the tabs below and update the default settings as required for the limits of the new user.
If the application is open on the desk top of the user, a short cut can be created on that desk top with their login name.

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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