FAQ - Backup and Maintenance

Backing up your vital data

Backups are important.


Let us rephrase this. It's important to keep a copy of your business data somewhere that is safe and not next to your computer.

Three main reasons:

  1. No piece of equipment lasts forever, everything breaks sooner or later.
  2. If your running a staffing agency then keeping a safe copy of all your work up till yesterday means that whatever happens, at the latest tomorrow, you can have everything up to yesterday to hand in the case of a disaster, failure or theft of your equipment.
  3. 90% of businesses who do not keep backups go out of business within the year of losing all their data. A computer will last around 3 to 5 years before failure. So if you don't keep backups it's like lighting a long fuse under your business, forgetting when you lit it, how long it is and just waiting for the inevitable.

Another reason for keeping backups is that today it's easy. With offerings from Amazon and the like, its also ridiculously inexpensive and can be completely automated.

For example two database can be backed up with the free version on SQL Backup and FTP (master and your Ava database)
 Sql Backup and FTP com
And then automatically stored on Amazon s3 (at the time of writing July 2012 this was 5GB, 20,000 get requests, 2000 put requests for free and then up to 1TB for under £0.15 per month) for the current (and more accurate amounts then here):
AWS Amazon com s3 pricing

So two questions:

Can I use microsoft skydrive for my cloud storage? Well currently NO because MS limit the size of the file and the file type. 

Can I backup to a non sever hosted folder and use something like Sugar Sync or Drop Box? Yes, but we haven't tried, there is no email confirmation of sucess for this process.

So fractions of a pound /dollar / euro, vs your business. Seems like a good bet to me!

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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