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Approval of time sheets can be done from any computer, tablet or smartphone.


This web page will work in parallel with the Android, iPhone and Windows phone apps for employee notification and timesheet signing currently in development and due for wider release in the next few months.

A user who can approve timesheets is created in the standard way as someone who can add shifts, view shifts or authorise them.
The user then see the approve timesheet button.


01 Menu

Clicking on this shows the time sheet page.


The date range is selected from the start date, number of days or end date, the all locations to show all unprocessed timesheets for that selection.


02 Date Range And Every One


Additionally the places for work and employees may be selected.


03 Date Range And Person


A shift may be cancelled by clicking the cancel button on each shift row.


04 Cancel And Reason

A user defined reason and type of cancellation: by ward, employee did not show, moved to other location etc. must then be given. Emails can be automatically sent notifying the ward manager and employee of this.

The shift may be edited for time , expenses and the employee rated (which contributes to future ranking in availability).


05 Approve Timesheets

Page is available as a tablet or smart phone display, although the exact size may mean a slightly different layout to the one shown.

Smart Phone


The smart phone apps will contain an number of fraud prevention algorithms and will allow single action electonic signing and confirmation of times.


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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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