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Set up grade list on add a requirement page

On legacy (initially back office only) installations, by default the list of choice of grades is empty on the web page for adding requirements or scheduling requests. The grade list is derived from the list of master grades. By default the web visible check box is un-ticked in the back office application. (This can be reached via the back office setup pay and conditions window and selecting the master pay scale and then the grade tab.)

Why? Over time grade names may have changed, new grades can be added, old grades become obsolete. For this reason when you set up the requirements web page, you may need to enable the grade you wish to see on the "Add new requirements" web page.

The web setup page for grades assumes that grades are visible.

Setup add requirement grade list choice

The setup page for grades is accessed via the menu on a record card or the inventory list

Setup add requirement grade list choice back office menu

The check box is set when the grade is selected on the master pay scale

Setup add requirement grade list choice back office

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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