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Ava has a very wide range of reports and a probably the easiest way of finding them.

The search box allows the user to search on any report content, thus a monthly report will show if “month” is entered, and entering “department” will show department and month, “hours” will filter further and so on. Column names and filtering criterial are also included in the search.


01 Report Selection

Selecting a report from the search list immediately shows an extended description, a thumbnail preview.


02 Report Selection

If this a regular report, simply click "Add to favourites" to have it automatically listed each time the report page is opened.

03 Report Selection

When you select a report by filtering or from favourites you instantly get the selection options for running the report:


04 Report Selection

Here is an example of a detailed payroll report (the equivalent is available for invoices)


Reports may be saved as pdf, exported as standard spreadsheet files, and bulk (or individually selected and) emailed each to their repective predefined recipients.


05 Report Selection

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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