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How to resolve a user not receiving a reset password email

A user has a problem resetting their password: they do not receive an email.

This is usually because their email address is incorrect. To resolve this simply follow these very easy steps:

  1. We need to be absolutely certain of their correct email address so: get the user to send you an email explicitly containing their email address in the body: its true but sometimes “Reply-to” email addresses are automatically set and can be wrong!
  2. Send an email them to using address copied from the body of the email (do not just use “Reply-to” for the above reason)
  3. Confirm they have received this email: so we now know the copied email address is absolutely correct (no commas where there should be fullstops etc)!
  4. Open their record card and go to the home email address, is almost certainly an incorrect email address (even if at first glance it looks similar).
  5. Click edit on the record card address: Copy the correct email from the email above (please dont just read it and say to yourself "looks the same" or type it), save.
  6. Get the user to click reset password button.
  7. Confirm the user has received their reset password email.


Result: happy user.

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

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