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Customising Info place holders or entries in employee, customer, or other record cards.

The process is very simple using our unique drag and drop designers.


First use the setup Button to go to setup search:




Type in record card:


Layout Record Card


You will see the designer.

Select the record card section (employees, Customers etc. that you want to layout or customise.


Layout Record Card 2


You can now add a tab


Layout Record Card 1


Remove a tab


Layout Record Card 5


Rename any tab by double clicking on the tab title


Layout Record Card 8

Increase or decrease the number of columns on your web page in which the information on your tab is displayed by clciking on the plus or minus symbols.

Layout Record Card 3

Filter to easily see the information you you want to add to each column.

Layout Record Card 6



 Drag and drop items on to columns or between columns or to remove them, drag them back to the list.


Layout Record Card 7



Any items you have anabled by placing them on a record card layout can now be used (for example) within the the custom email layout for each automatic email sending event.


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This FAQ was last updated on Monday, October 3, 2016

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