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Creating Info place holders or entries in employee, customer, or other record cards to store any information on customers or employees.

You can completely customise the information our Advanced Agency Web Sytem with RTI holds about Employees and Customers. All this information can be used (for example) for email mail merge, compliance checking, HR admin, Customer CRM and various reports.


The process is very simple using one of our unique drag and drop designers.


First use the setup Button to go to setup search:




For Jobs or skills, type jobs or skills or an existing job or skill name and click search or hit enter:

For addition record card information place holders, type info or an existing info name.


Search Setup Pages Info


Select the category of record cards:  Employee, Customer, Department, Location etc.

If this is for an employee, then there will be the current customisation for your agency.

If this is for a Customer entry or other type of record card, there may not be a heading or tab for the entry. If not, then add a new tab and this will create a heading for your information.


New Customer Info Document 1


Now type the name you want for the heading in the new Tab heading


New Customer Info Document 2


Then add a new item


New Customer Info Document 4


Now expand it by clicking on it:



New Customer Info Document 5


You can title it, give it start and finish dates for each record card entry, text and allow documents or images to be attached.


Finally save,


This entry is noe availble for placing on your custom record cardso it can be updated, and the information can for example be added to custom emails and used else where in your database.


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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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