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Create a new web manager user for the staff bank or temp agency web site

The initial steps are the same as creating or enabling any other user except that you must yourself be a web manager to complete the final step.
The new manager must first apply to use the site. They should apply via the manager link or button.

Create new web manager

The new manager should fill in their details.
New web manager 2

Once complete, they will get the confirmation web page.
New web manager 3

An existing web manager should then log into the site (if they are not already logged in)

New web manager 4

They should then proceed to the approve users web page.

New web manager 5
Now select the application from the list of applicants.
New web manager 6

If they have a profile on the back office database they should be linked to that profile. An active profile can be created in the back office application by selecting the new record card button and then the Manager section for the new manager to be created in.

New web manager 6

Alternately, if shown, the manager button may be clicked as shown. You will be automatically switched to the 'configure users web page'

New web manager 7

The Web Managers tab should be selected, the 'web managers' check box checked and then saved.

New web manager 8


If the new manager has other roles, these can be enabled and saved on the other tabs in the same way.

New web manager 8

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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