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Auto Enrolment: what aspects does service support

Ava advanced Agency web system supports Auto enrolment Pensions.


Question: Will the software work out which staff are eligible for auto-enrolment or do we need to do this and then tell the software?

Because temporary workers or staff (or indeed any staff) may have other jobs and the rules for pensions concern a person's gross income: it's not possible to determine when an individual needs to auto enrol purely from information stored in our software service. The exact criteria are given here on the Government web site: which also contains additional notes and explanations. Here is a simplified table derived from the Government Web Site.


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In addition employees may have opted-out in the past, so we have to set manually for employees who are eligible and have not opted out.


Question: Which method of tax relief can the payroll software handle?  Relief at source or net pay or both?


Added value applications advanced Agency software supports "on net pay"


Question: How do we set up pension contributions?

Since our service supports on net pay basis, there is no "tax relief method" to select but there are input boxes where an enabled user can enter Employee contribution and Employer contribution.


Deductions And Auto Enrolement


Question: Does the system handle staff whose earnings fluctuate and may fall below the minimum, but will still need to remain the in the scheme and make no contributions for a particular month(s).


Yes it does. Where the salary is less than LEL (Lower Earnings Limit), system doesn't deduct pension for that period.


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