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Set up automatic payroll and invoice exceptions

Ava advanced agency web system with RTI has the feature to add custom automatic payroll and invoice exceptions. These are provided on request: usually at fixed development cost. This allows Agencies to implement USPs.


Custom payroll exceptions are enabled on a customer by customer basis.


The following article shows how o set up a custom exception. The exact details will vary depending on the nature of the exception.


First go to setup to create the exception rule:


1 Setup


Type in "exception" and hit search:


2 Search Setup


You will then get the option to add a new exception:


3 Add Exception


You will then get a list of exceptions that have been enabled for you as a customer:


4 Add Exception


See the exception details by clicking on the lighter expand box and you can name and configure the exception. The details of the custom exception will vary depending on your request.


5 Name And Configure Exception


Now Save the exception:


5 Save New Exception


You should now add the exception rule to any rate cards where the exception is part of the customer contract.


Go to setup:


1 Setup


Type in payroll in the search box (1) and click search (2):


A Setup Payroll


Select the payroll wizard:


B Setup Payroll


Now select the rate card you want to add the exception to: this can be a new or existing rate card, we will choose an existing one:


C Choose Rate Card


If you have chosen an existing card, then select the existing card:


D Choose Rate Card


Now click on the setup exception to add the exception created above:


E Add Exception To Rate Card


You will see a list of the exceptions you have enabled, highlight the exception that you want to enable for this rate card:


F Add Exception To Rate Card


And click add exception, it will appear on the "remove exception" list


G Add Exception To Rate Card


 Click previous and you will return to the edit amounts screen. In the exception selector you will now see the exception(s) you have enabled for the rate card. Selecting the exception creates a new range of values for each pay rate on the selected rate card.


H Select Exception On Rate Card




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This FAQ was last updated on Monday, July 25, 2016

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