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Payroll, payslip and invoice calculations

We have updated rate card configuration options


Background: what Ava advanced agency temp staffing software does for you:


Ava advanced agency temp staffing software allows extremely flexible fully automatic calculation of pay and invoice values and together with HMRC RTI compliance provide probably the easiest way to generate pay and invoice information: bar none.


Payment (and invoicing) conditions can independently depend on:


  • Time of day
  • Time past midnight
  • Number of hours worked
  • Number of hours originally scheduled
  • Breaks taken
  • Minimum payments
  • Total number of hours in week
  • Skill involved in job
  • Notice period for working
  • Customer worked at
  • Department (Ward, depot, location) worked on
  • London weighting
  • National (Bank) holidays
  • User defined special days
  • Personal employee rates
  • Employee self-invoicing
  • Totally free ad hock rates for any shift
  • HMRC codes
  • VAT ratings
  • AWR compliance
  • Exceptions


How we set up all these options:


We have a uniquely easy to use Wizard which allows all these conditions to be laid out in a few web pages for each customer (or employee) based rate card. Any rate card can be assigned to any customer or employee meaning an absolute minimum of configuration consistent with total customisation to our customer’s needs.

Each shift for each skill and each customer location can have its own unique set of pay and invoice conditions. There is no need to loose competitive advantage or reduce profit margins by having too simple or inflexible rates.


The latest improvement:


Any shift is part of a template of all shifts for all week days, weekends and (bank) holidays. Templates can be applied to any skill and any customer just by checking the appropriate box.


The check boxes for making these assignments are now disabled if the combinations of skill and location have already been assigned to another template.

The assigned template name is shown as a pop up label (aka tooltip) when the mouse hovers over the check box or the skill name.

In addition there is another column which displays in red the names of any skills do not have any templates assigned to them for that location.


New detailed payslip:


These payslips can be autometically emailed to employees as attached pdfs with a single click.

Detailed Pay Slips

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This FAQ was last updated on Monday, August 1, 2016

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