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Masking availability for adjacent shifts

Masking and managing availability for adjacent shifts

Employee availability depends on a number of criteria. For the sake of completeness these criteria are listed below. Please skip to the "using the adjacent shift mask" heading if you are actually configuringthe mask.


Availability can be set using the employee’s calendar shift by shift by each employee with their own login or by consultants aka office administrators. Availability can be set for both block times or repeated standing availability to any weekly pattern:


Employees' net availability is automatically displayed in a moment when any requirement (booking, shift) is selected

An Employee’s net availability depends on:

  1. The employee’s default availability setting:
  2. always consider available
  3. available when notified
  4. weekly pattern of availability or absences
  5. Not overlapping leave or other scheduled shifts
  6. Respect of maximum hours contracted where set (default any).
  7. Respect of maximum shifts contracted where set (default any).
  8. Minimum overnight breaks
  9. Compliance
  10. Start employment date, end employment date(if set)
  11. Right to work checks (with expiry dates where appropriate)
  12. Skill specific checks (training and certification dates with expiry dates where appropriate)
  13. Customer specific checks
  14. appropriateness to work for customer
  15. appropriateness to work for customer in the specific role requested
  16. customer site specific training where specified
  17. Distance to travel
  18. Sales region


Neutral Vendor status


Other agencies which we refer to as "secondary" agencies can be created on the system in which case compliance and availability checks are deferred to the (secondary) supplying agency.


 Using the adjacent shift mask


Ava advanced temp staffing web system has a masking setting for masking availability of both overlapping and non-overlapping shifts. This is set up by anyone with supervisor privileges.


Click the setup button or select it from the menu (these are only visible to system supervisors), and type "mask"


You will get a web page which allows you to set the mask:


The left hand column is the shift that is booked and that is masking availability for the other shifts which are displayed in time order, starting with the day before and ending with the following day. Simply tick or untick those shifts you want to mask availability for.


Availability Mask


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This FAQ was last updated on Thursday, July 21, 2016

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