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How to link your Andriod Phone to a Gmail account?

Ava provides simple effective Android. iPhone and Windows phone apps for employees, managers and (Android only) sending SMS text messages or texting. These work seamlessly with the Ava advanced agency web system. They do, however, need to know which of our customers will be sending you messages and to whom you will be replying. Android phone do this via a Gmail account and you need to link you Android phone to a Gmail account before you install any of our apps from the Google play store.

This is how you do it....

To download your Ava smart app to your Andriod phone: you need to have a Gmail account linked to your phone. 


If you know that your phone is already linked to an Android account (this help page is automatically shown when you click on the download app link) close this tab and the app download page is shown on the other new tab.


If you get the following error:


Play Store Error

It may help to read this article by Google about the play store... Error: You haven't accessed the Google Play Store app on your device with this email account.


If you are not sure: then here are the steps to link your Android phone to an existing gmail account or create a new free Gmail account.


If you have already downloaded an app from the Google Play Store, when you follow these instructions you should see your Gmail account. You may then close this page and continue with the Play Store download page tab.


The first few icons or buttons will change slightly from phone to phone so they should look similar:

On the bottom bar of your android phone you should see an "Apps" icon:


1 apps icon titled


Click on it and then find the settings icon:


2 Settings icon titled


Open the Settings menu and go to Accounts:


3 Settings accounts


If you already have a gmail account you should use it. Do not worry you can have mutiple devices on the same account, exixting email accounts will continue to work as before:


5 Add your Account


Now sign in or create a new account (we will use test@ava.co.uk but you chould choose a more appropriate name if its a new account).


6 Google sign in or create


And enter a memorable password.


7 Password


Accept the term and  conditions (as ususal you have no choice)


 8 Google Account Ts and Cs


Our apps cost 99p so you will need to set up payment information, you can do this later. We have omitted the screen shots from this part for security reasons.


9 Google Account payment info 


Finally all done you will see your account listed.


A Google Account complete

Now close this web page and please complete the download of the app in Google Play Store.


Play store

 The play store for our app will look like this:


App store 


Just click on Install


You will get a message that the app is being downloaded to your phone.


On your phone


You will get a "downloading" symbol in your notification bar (this is the strip at the top of the phone screen)




 And then an app installed symbol



If you swipe down on the install symbol you will get an "app sucessfully installed message"



Touch the message and you will go to the registration screen:


 register your phone


Please fill in your Name, Email address and the Mobile Number of this (your) phone. These will be used to send you a message.


Press the register button.


You will get a message to your Gmail account


Your Gmail Account


Email notification


Please highlight the code as we have done by moving the pointer over it with the control key down


On your Agency web site my contact details page:


Open your contact details


Paste email notification code


and select mobile.


Paste email notification code 1


Then click on the yellow pencil to edit your mobile number.


Paste email notification code 2


Please check your mobile number is correct.


Paste email notification code 3


Now paste the code from your email into the box below the "Download Android app" link.


Paste email notification code 4


Finally click the white tick to save.


On your mobile phone you will get a congratulations message




You will now recieve job offers and confirmations on youe mobile app and it will chime when there is a new offer or confirmation. The app will automatically add reminders for your new jobs.





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This FAQ was last updated on Monday, February 22, 2016

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