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Email messages not being sent

There are quite a few reasons why an email message may not be sent or received, not least of which are incorrect recipient email addresses and password being changed for email sending accounts. This article is to help you find why emails are not being received.


Check the system can actually send emails:


 Log into Ava advanced agency web system with a web supervisor role and click on setup


 1 Setup


Type in email


Search Setup Pages


Select the test email option


Search Setup Pages Email


Enter your email address and send yourself a test email


Email Test Page


If you receive the email then your email account setting are good and the problem is not there. If you don't receive an email then click on set up email and review your email settings.


List the recent emails and identify the email you thought should have been sent


You have received the test email. View all recent emails and their status.

Click on the List recent email status button


Email Test Page 2


You will see a list of all recent emails (except the test which was sent directly)


Set Up Email List Status


If the email is still queued and not sent, then there is a problem with the recipients email server. Contact them and ask them about their emails service. If the message has been sent, check the email to address to see it is the correct one, and ask the recipient to check their spam filters.


If the email is not listed then there may be a problem with the email template or the limit for emails may have been reached.

To check limits for messaging open the recipient's record care and select view contact details on one of the tabs.


Messaging Preferences


 If the limit has not been exceeded and the address is selected for receiving emails, then check the email template for the message concerned.


Email received from test page: test the email template


Go to setup again


1 Setup


Type "email" or "contents"



Search Setup Pages Contents


Select the appropriate template and check there is content. If the content is correct, send yourself a test email using the button (3) at the bottom of the page. You can select a specific shift, customer or employee by typing a shift reference or name in the filter text (1) selecting it in the list of shifts, customers or employees (2) and.


Setup Pages Contents 2


 If you do not recieve an email then please tak a screen shot of the setup email content page and email it to us.



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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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