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Customers adding new requirements

Your customers may directly add and authorise shifts using the Ava advanced agency web system with RTI.


When you have authorised them to do so, and they have logged into their account: they will see the following or similar screens.


Please note that all screens are what is known as "responsive" and will display on smart phones and tablets with the items in the same order but arranged differently, optimised for each display.


They should click (or press with their finger on phones and tablets) the add new shifts button.


Employee And Manager Options An Overview


They will then see a screen with just their company name in the top left


Add New Shifts


Clicking on this will reveal a list of their departments, sites, depos etc.


Add New Shifts 2


We have shown only one here, typing in the space above the department list will filter the department names. Once they have selected a name, they will then see a list of skills appropriate to that department. They should then select the required skill.


Add New Shifts 3


There are further options in some employment sectors. Optionally appropriate specialities should be chosen where shown if required.


The shift options will be displayed along with editable times from previous selections for that department.

Add New Shifts 4


You may edit the start and end times (when the shift is actually worked, these can be amended)


Add New Shifts 5


And also choose either a single date or a date span:


Add New Shifts 6


by choosing an end date


Add New Shifts 7


If a data span is chosen then the pattern of shifts can be limited to specific days:


Add New Shifts 8


Finally the number of employees required and an optional order number or customer reference and additional notes to accompany each booking:


Add New Shifts 9


Finally click the add shifts (or optionally add and book or add as contract if a block booking is required and this is enabled)


Add New Shifts 0


Employees can then be automatically notified (and then accept the offer) via SMS text or the Ava Instant messaging apps.















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This FAQ was last updated on Monday, July 25, 2016

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