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Attaching documents and images to record card information

Images (jpeg, png) and documents (pdf, doc, docx, rtf) can be attached to any information item on a record card.


These options have to be enabled just like start dates, end dates, reference numbers and other options and they are done in the same place.


As a web supervisor, go to setup




Type in "info" and you will see a list of setup items: Click Employee Info


 Search Setup Pages


You now see a list of the Headings and when the heading is selected, the Item on that Heading tab. Select the Item you want to enable documents, images, start, end dates, reference text etc. We will use "University Letter"


Setup Info


The selected Item will expand to show all the options that can be associated with this Item.

 Setup Document


Check the appropriate boxes


Save (Save Changes)


Open or refresh the record card page where you want to upload the document or image.

You will now see an upload button or buttons.

You will now be able to attach images or documents or both to the enabled item:

Copies of these Documents or Images can be attached to any of the standard booking notifications.


Resultant Item

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This FAQ was last updated on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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