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Archive employees and customers to remove them from the active lists

In other words the question how do I delete, archive, remove a profile aka record card.

The answer is the same for employees (candidates), customers (locations) or departments (wards or sites). The steps are simple: go to the record card for the employee, customer or department.

In the default settings you will have a tab called "status".


If the "status" tab is not visible go to setup, type "record card" and ensure you have a tab with the status control on it.


Select it and click the pencil edit symbol. Now change the status to "Archive", "Do not use" or whatever status you require. Should the person or location be reinstated in the future, then the record card can be restored in the same way.

All shifts and messages associated with the record card will be retained for reporting purposes. The entry will be hidden from active use.

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This FAQ was last updated on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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