Import and Export

Seamless integration of Invoice and Payroll data with other software and systems.

The software can be linked to a number of programmes, such as Sage accounting software, allowing easy transportation of data. Payroll details can be exported to a third party payroll company saving lots of administration work and data can be imported from Personnel or HR systems, and matched to existing employee records. This importation and exportation of data enables easy synchronisation and saves money.

The software can produce detailed pay reports, alongside payroll slips. This limits payroll queries and improves agency-employee relations. The software allows payments to be processed even after the month is up, for example payments for the month of August could also include the first week of September.

The software allows data to be exported in a number of formats allowing flexibility, and the production of detailed reports.

One rather unique feature of the software is the ability to attach an image of a signed time sheet to an invoice. This saves time, paper and unnecessary hassle.

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