Holiday Pay Calculations

AvaPA provides complete holiday pay calculations, monitoring and administration with zero administrative overhead.

The software can automatically work out holiday pay calculations, saving a huge amount of administration work.

Given that consolidated pay is now banned, working out paid leave can be hard at times. The software provides a simple solution to this by the use of a tick box enabling the change from consolidated leave to non-consolidated leave, and this enables payment to be allocated from acquired paid leave.  

 Holiday Pay Calculations

Each time a shift is confirmed as worked and sent to payroll, the software will straight away work out the new amount of acquired paid leave and the number of hours available leave. This information can be accessed online allowing staff to see how much leave they have gained and where it has come from.

In order to allocate paid leave you just need to tick the half day or full day paid leave tick box in the availability calendar for the particular member of staff. The amount will then be itemised and then added to the next payment.

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