Searching and Filtering

Employees, Clients, Departments, Event Requests and Bookings can be searched and filtered in comprehensive and wide ranging ways in the Ava recruitment software for temporary staff.


A single character entry in the Ava recruitment software for temporary staff enables the ability to search any field from first name to payroll number. The default settings mean that only active records are searched, however if you wish to search inactive records you can change your searching preferences in just one click. Searching is carried out in one of three ways - exact character entry, extended matches where the word is auto completed and phonetic matches, where the soft and hard pronunciation of a word are searched, useful if the word is not spelt as it sounds. Matches are returned in under a second.

Search for a Name

Similar searches can be carried out for customers and departments.

A single button allows drill down and bubble up between locations and departments.

New entries are automatically checked against existing ones to prevent duplication of data.

A single key entry provides shift searches against a unique booking reference, the customer reference, invoice number and automatic import key (from customer web sites, emails or web services).


Filtering allows your temporary employees to be grouped into specific categories, such as the location they are willing to work at, or the language they speak.


Where shifts are concerned, filtering can be carried out across date range, locations, department or skill level.

The user that entered the requirements also has the ability to filter, enabling a quick check to ensure that all bookings made or cancelled that day have been notified before the end of the working day.

Not only that, but when a booking is selected, the employee or department will also be selected for automatic selection in other windows.

Standard sorting allows ordering by clicking the column header and multiple shifts can be selected for many "group" tasks.

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