Import and Export

Seamless integration of Invoice and Payroll data with other software and systems.

AvaPA can be linked with payroll, invoicing and accounting software, such as Sage accounting.

The software also holds the ability to import employee data from Personnel or HR systems and match it to employee records. Records will be automatically updated almost all the time, and missing information can be flagged up, such as a missing reference.

The software also allows payroll data to be exported to external Payroll software to carry out Payroll runs. This ensures cost-effectivitity.

  • AvaPA will produce detailed pay reports to supplement payroll slips. This minimises unnecessary payroll queries and improves agency-employee relations. Payroll runs can be daily if required.
  • AvaPA supports delayed month closure and simultaneous payroll and invoice runs allowing an agency to choose between accounting models.
  • AvaPA will generate export data in a number of formats to provide invoicing systems or services with all necessary information for invoice runs. Detailed reports and invoices supplement standard export formats to give the best of all worlds.
  • Uniquely AvaPA will automatically attach an image of a (signed) time sheet to the appropriate invoice. This eliminates laborious paper clipping and minimises envelope stuffing.

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