Searching and Filtering

Employees, Clients, Departments, Event Requests and Bookings can be searched and filtered in comprehensive and wide ranging ways.


The system can be easily searched and matches are returned in under a second. Searches can be carried out for employees, customers and departments/locations. These searches can take place against a number of fields such as First Name, Surname, Booking Reference or Payroll Number. The search willl automatically take place against live or active records, however this can be easily altered by selecting a tick box to search both inactive and do not use records.

Searches can be carried out in one of several ways. The simplest is character recognition, where the system searches the database against the character(s) that has/have been entered. The system will search for exact matches. Another way the system searches is through extended match, where the system will automatically complete words, to match already existing words within the system. The third and most advanced way is through searching both soft and hard pronunciation matches, which is useful if a word is not spelt as it sounds.

Search for a Name

In order to switch searching between locations and departments a single box needs to be selected. The software will also check new entries against existing ones to prevent data duplication.

When searching customer records, the system carries out searches against a number of fields including the unique booking reference and the customer reference among others.


Filtering is a useful feature to seperate employees based on the skills they can offer or the locations they wish to work. As an example there may be several employees that have asked to work in London and by filtering employees by London, these employees would all be grouped together.


Filtering can also be used to look up available work dates across a specified period, saving time when finding employees to fill customer requirements. Another useful feature is that the user or client that made a booking can be used on a daily basis for filtering. This appropriates a quick check to ensure that any bookings made or cancelled that day have been notified before the end of the work period.

When a specific booking is selected, the employee or department will automatically open in a new window. The software also makes use of standard sorting by clicking on the column header.

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