Holiday Pay Calculations

AvaPA provides complete holiday pay calculations, monitoring and administration with zero administrative overhead.

Working out holiday pay would usually involve a huge amount of adminstration work, however our software does all the hard work by automatically working out how much holiday pay an employee has earned. Given that consolidated pay is now banned, this is not a problem as the software can change consolidated leave to non-consolidated leave through the ticking of a box.

Holiday Pay Calculations

Every time a shift is worked and the hours have been confirmed as worked and sent to Payroll, the software will automatically update the amount of leave an employee has earned and where it has come from. Employees are able to have online access to this information through the use of the web module.

To pay an employee from paid leave you just need to check the half day or full day paid leave tick box in the availability calendar for the employee. This amount is then itemised and added to the next Payroll.

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