Employee Availability Diary

Displays and updates employee availability and shows additional useful information.

The software has a built in employee avalability diary for each employee, to state when they can and can't work. The diary is automatically displayed when making a phone call to an employee, so the user knows when they are available to work.

Availability Diary

The diary uses simple colour coding to distinguish between booked and available, where green means available and red means unavailable or booked.

An employee's availability can be very easily updated by ticking a box to say if they are available or unavailable. Entire days can be marked with a simple selection.

When a booking is made, an email or text message will be sent to an employee to remind them of the shift they have opted to work.

When making a booking for an employee, the user may want to have the following information to hand:

  • Availability for yesterday, today and tomorrow to avoid calls during sleep periods or sensitive situations
  • Employee notes available for updating,
  • Any outstanding or soon to be required certification or renewal information
  • Any outstanding shifts that the employee may be interested in
  • Alternate contact numbers
  • Current accrued leave (hours and value)


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