Customer Requirement Process

An easy and efficient path between the initial customer request and final invoice and payroll production.

There are various ways in which customers can request employees, however the most popular due to its personal nature, appears to be telephone requests.

Telephone Requests

The software can make use of two types of telephone input requests; these are Simple and Power.


This input method is very quick and simple. As information is added, available employees are narrowed down based on the requirements the customer is requesting. As an example if a location is entered, automatically only employees who have said they can work in that area will be left to choose from. This process eradicates lengthly customer waiting times and ensures requirements are easily met.

When selecting a shift, the user will be presented with default and most recently used options, meaning that an employee can be easily selected to work for a company they have worked for before. There will then be an option for the user to select single or multiple shifts across single or multiple dates. The amount of employees required can then be selected, then the customer requesting the staff will be added and a customer reference will be generated. Important information will be automatically addded such as pay rates or department codes.

At this point in the process, the selection is saved and the user entering the information is stored. The request is time stamped and a unique job referenece is generated.


The shift that has been requested can either be automatically filled through the use of the pop up availabiity diary or saved to fill later on.


The Power mode is actually not that different from the Simple mode, but it combines around sixty additional features that can be linked to the request. This allows for a more specific match to the customer's requirements. It allows the agency to be completely on the ball when fulfilling a customer's needs.


An individual shift or day booking can be easily extended to create a contract. These are easy to set up and can be given start and end dates or they can run indefinitely. If an end date is chosen, it can easily be extended if required. Details such as notes can be added to the contract via the power entry mode.


If an employee is self-booking themselves for shifts, the information will be inputted through a completed time sheet. This is easy to do and new shifts can be added at any time from the time sheet window.

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